Make gardening easier with raised beds from OUTFLEXX

What are the advantages of a raised bed? A major advantage is not just the height of the vegetable patch but also the location. With a raised bed you are able to choose a variety of places to grow flowers or other plants. You can set up a raised bed on the terrace as well as on a balcony or in a garden. You are completely independent of the soil quality and you save a lot of space if necessary. However, this is only one of the numerous advantages of a raised bed from OUTFLEXX.

About the many advantages of a raised bed

The raised beds from OUTFLEXX are made of high-quality Zincalume – sheet steel that is coated with aluminum and zinc that lasts four times longer than galvanized steel. The raised beds from OUTFLEXX have a long service life and are easy to care for. But it’s not just the high resilience of the material that is convincing – your back will thank you for purchasing a raised bed as well. The raised working height is convenient and comfortable. This way a raised bed is always an investment in your health.

However, these are not the only advantages of a raised bed. After all, it is much more difficult for pests such as snails or voles to reach heightened places. This way your harvest will be safer – and more productive. The bed-structure is also a benefit worth mentioning. Due to the heat and moisture provided by the rotting of different layers, the plants simply grow much faster. You can even use your garden waste for the different layers. A raised bed from OUTFLEXX can also serve as a high-quality decoration – especially with a trendy color like anthracite that most likely harmonizes with the rest of your garden furniture.

The attachment for the raised bed

A raised bed from OUTFLEXX can be optimally customized, for example with a climbing trellis or plant fleece. These attachments are particularly practical: They protect your plants and allow you to line them out early in the year, as you are completely independent of the weather conditions.

The attachments consist of aluminum and polycarbonate and are available with sliding windows and even skylights. This way you can directly cater to the needs of your home flora.

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