Live healthier with greenhouses from OUTFLEXX

Healthy eating is one of the trending topics in our vibrant society – and what could be healthier than vegetables from your own garden? Repeating food scandals show it: If you want to know where your vegetables come from, the best option is to plant them yourself. This is a change in diet that definitely pays off – not only at the supermarket counter but also in terms of wellbeing and health.

This is exactly why a greenhouse is always a good investment for your garden.

Of course, a greenhouse can also just be a wonderful place to just treat yourself to your daily vacation. But that’s just a bonus. With an OUTFLEXX greenhouse, you primarily achieve two advantages: Your plants grow safely and also significantly faster.

This is how your plants grow protected

With a greenhouse from OUTFLEXX you no longer have to adjust to the weather conditions to increase the growth of your plants. But how do greenhouses manage to accelerate the growth of their “occupants”? The construction of twin-wall sheets and an aluminum frame lets light shine through and retains the heat inside the greenhouse. The integrated windows can be used as a manual air conditioning system if necessary. This way humidity and temperature can easily be adjusted.

Greenhouses also protect the plants from all weather conditions (including UV radiation) and pests. In addition to high-quality rubber seals, the protection is provided by extra thick twin-wall sheets made of polycarbonate – more than 200 times stronger than conventional glass. Almost unbreakable and stable, the greenhouses can withstand a wind force of at least 80 km/h and a snow load of up to 60 kg/m². This makes sure your plants are always protected and you never need to worry.

The greenhouse to lean on

If your garden has only limited space for a greenhouse, it is best to simply place it against the house wall. Not only is this an effective use of space, but it is also a special sight. However, you do not need to fear any compromises compared to a free-standing greenhouse. A lean-to greenhouse on the other hand is more geared towards stability, thanks to the twin-wall sheets made of polycarbonate, the clip-free plug-in system, and the full-side struts at the corners. In addition to a smooth sliding door, there are also windows available to ensure adequate ventilation.

Even with a small garden, you can benefit from the advantages of OUTFLEXX greenhouses.

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