Natural and unbreakable garden furniture

Mold, insects, the sun, or acids are all strong challengers for garden furniture with materials other than teak – the top-shelve type of wood easily holds up against moisture, UV radiation, or frost. This resistance to various environmental influences can be explained by its high proportion of caoutchouc and the oily consistency of the wood.

Holzmöbel Garnitur

Always warm – wooden furniture

Thanks to its high resistance, teak garden furniture can easily be left outside during the winter. The furniture is robust and of sufficient weight. This way it always remains stable – even in stronger winds. The furniture will last for a long time: Teak garden furniture can even last up to 100 years – even without complex maintenance.

Furniture made of wood brings your garden to life and always looks cozy – especially in combination with a fireplace. Teak in particular not only keeps you warm but also pleases the fingers when you touch its fine grain. Wood exudes comfort and a wonderfully warm and natural atmosphere.

The patina look of teak

Teak gives you two options. Either you want to keep the natural wood tone permanently, or you let your teak furniture slowly turn into a silver-gray color over time – a shade that is both timeless and elegant. You don’t necessarily have to oil your teak. You can simply let it age – without fearing damage to the wood. If you want to keep the original color, you do have to maintain the wood with a suitable oil, 2-3 times a year is sufficient. The decision is entirely up to you and your taste.

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