Versatile and down to earth – umbrellas from OUTFLEXX

The sun gives us valuable things such as soothing warmth and vitamin D. However, the UV rays also have their downsides. Physically strenuous heat, sunburn, and sun allergies are just the tip of the iceberg. Sun protection and a shadowed area help to direct the sun’s rays in healthy paths. Herein lies the advantage of the high-quality parasols from OUTFLEXX.

Take advantage of our wide range of models: Decide which diameter your umbrella needs for your terrace or balcony. You will also find suitable accessories such as a practical protective cover or a high-quality stand for attaching the umbrella. This way it always stays right where it needs to be.

More than just an umbrella

There is a lot to discover with our modern OUTFLEXX sunshades. From the resistant, water-and sun-repellent cover with a UV protection factor of 80+ to the aluminum frame and the crank which can easily be used to adjust the garden umbrella to the position of the sun. OUTFLEXX parasols also include an integrated air vent system, so that the air can circulate unrestrictedly under the parasol. This way stronger winds can simply be diverted while humid air easily emits under the garden umbrella.

Due to the timeless colors such as anthracite or cream, our parasols are guaranteed to fit into any garden environment. With their sleek design (in round or square shape), OUTFLEXX parasols fit into every environment while still catching the eye. This way your garden umbrella becomes another decorative element for your personal oasis of wellbeing.

The OUTFLEXX cantilever umbrellas

Products are always evolving – including the classic parasol which you probably know as a center-pole parasol. The modern cantilever umbrella can also provide valuable shade from the side – or even standing behind a seating group.

A cantilever parasol from OUTFLEXX offers even more options when choosing a suitable area for shade.

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