Not breaking a sweat – with garden furniture from OUTFLEXX

Sweating in summer is annoying and, despite a parasol and a lot of bare skin, it cannot be prevented if you want to enjoy your daily vacation outside in the fresh air. But garden furniture made from Textillene helps with this problem – the airy, light pieces of furniture provide a breath of fresh air under your skin.

Thanks to the thin and skin-friendly material, you can virtually float on cloud nine and leave your stressful everyday life behind – even if it is particularly hot outside.

Stühle Textilene

Light, lighter, textile

Furniture made of textile is primarily about seating options such as chairs, armchairs, or stools. They allow for a wonderfully light and comfortable seating. Of course, the table counterpart is usually not made of textile, but from aluminum or other high-quality materials, just like the frame of the chairs. Aluminum also fits the textile perfectly: This way it maintains its lightness.

The special properties of Textilene result from materials like polyester and polyvinyl chloride. These quality plastics have many useful traits. It can be used in a variety of ways and is very hard-wearing. As a result, garden furniture made of Textilene offers high resistance to environmental influences and is ideal for your terrace or balcony.

For winter: Do you prefer folding or stacking?

If you want to sit particularly airy in the hot summer, garden furniture with a seat made of Textilene is definitely the right choice. But the approaching winter also needs to be considered. The garden furniture should be stored protected: The question is how and where. Due to the low weight of the armchairs and stools, they can be transported easily.

Folding or stacking: You choose how your garden furniture should be stored. Either way, both methods save space in winter. You just have to decide which one suits you.

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