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Hard, harder, metal – this is to be expected, at least when it comes to garden furniture. However, this does not mean that metal furniture has to be bulky or immobile. Wooden garden furniture also weighs a few kilos and is stable and robust. Aluminum on the other hand is even more unshakable. On top of that, the metal garden furniture is coated and therefore even more robust.

This is another reason why aluminum is by far the most widely used metal in the garden – among many others. We will explain everything you need to know, so you can easily choose the ideal garden furniture for your daily vacation.

Outflexx Metallmöbel

Aluminum is ubiquitous – for good reason

Aluminum is the undisputed benchmark in garden furniture. The best proof of its suitability? Almost every piece of garden furniture is at least partially made of aluminum – particularly the frame and seating areas. Many tables are partly or even completely made from aluminum, too. This enables an enormous variety of designs. You are free to decide whether you want modern aluminum garden furniture or a visual addition, such as Polyrattan or teak. Thanks to aluminum, OUTFLEXX garden furniture always looks classy and is particularly robust and stable.

But above all, aluminum scores with its lightness and stability – this combination declares it the unrivaled champion among garden furniture materials. With this ultra-light stability, you can treat yourself to your daily vacation without any hesitation.

Aluminum garden furniture and the secret of longevity

Thanks to high-quality powder coatings, aluminum can easily last for 20 years. It also remains completely rust-free and weatherproof – regardless of whether it is exposed to moisture, cold, or sun rays. The powder coating and the surrounding oxygen create an oxide layer, a protective coating which ensures that aluminum is permanently corrosion-resistant. If the powder coating is intact, the garden furniture can be stored outside without any problems – maintenance is not necessary. A little water and a soft sponge are enough for cleaning the surface.

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