Indispensable for fiery and cozy evenings – the firewood shelves from OUTFLEXX

The crackling of a fireplace has something magical to it: It gives you and your loved ones warmth, security, a breathtaking sight, and a place for your daily relaxation. A fireplace can transform the atmosphere of your garden. Nevertheless, every fire needs dry wood – best stored in a firewood shelf from OUTFLEXX.

But don’t be fooled: A firewood rack is more than “just” a storage location for your wood. A well-stocked firewood shelf is both practical and decorative – very much like a mosaic. This is ensured by the beautiful natural grains and patterns of the stacked wood. Besides, a firewood shelf can easily be used as a privacy screen. Go ahead and take a look at our OUTFLEXX selection.

The secret of "Zincalume"

Even without a fireplace, a single firewood shelf exudes a cozy, natural calm – and it stays with you for a long time. Because the firewood shelves from OUTFLEXX are made of high-quality Zincalume (often also called “Zinkalume”). Whether you call it Zincalume or Zinkalume: It is an alloy of aluminum and zinc that gives the metal significantly high resistance and longevity – at least four times as long as galvanized steel. The metal is both weatherproof and robust. This and the cross struts on the back ensure the permanent stability of the firewood shelve.

Our firewood shelves are kept in a timeless silvery color, so they can fit into any ambiance permanently. Depending on your personal needs you can buy your shelter either in a portrait or landscape format. You will also find a weather protection curtain and a wall mounting kit for your shelter (separately or included in the set). The assembly is easy, so your shelve is in the right place where it can permanently secure the dryness of your firewood.

4 tips for dry firewood

  1. Do not store the wood in the cellar, but outside and sheltered from the rain. The fresh air ensures a lower water content in the wood.
  2. Keep a small distance between the shelve and other objects like walls, 10-20 centimeters is sufficient.
  3. Make sure there is enough space in between the logs when stacking the wood.
  4. Place the logs with the bark side down – this will prevent the wood from rotting.

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