Get flexibility into your garden with a pavilion or a pergola from OUTFLEXX

Get flexibility into your garden with a pavilion or a pergola from OUTFLEXX

We know why pavilions and pergolas are so popular. It is not only due to the size of the shelter or the unusual design but also to convincing flexibility. In contrast to a stationary awning, the pavilion and pergola can be easily moved around to protect different corners of your garden from the sun. This way you will always find a shady spot for your daily vacation.

But the OUTFLEXX pavilion and pergola can be more than just a spot to retreat in the shade. The canopies also work as a noise and privacy protection, carport, or decoration for your garbage can corner. But which one fits your garden better: a pavilion or a pergola? We will explain the differences.

Who wins your heart: pergola or pavilion?

Is a pergola the better choice? Or a pavilion? It’s up to you – even though both make for excellent shelters in almost every situation. While the pergola appears more delicate and natural, a pavilion is particularly robust and stable – even under bad weather conditions.

A pergola usually consists of a frame made of powder-coated aluminum and a textile cover. The covering is made of PA-coated polyester which ensures that the colors are especially lightfast. Both materials appear light and modern, but they are extremely weatherproof. The pergola can also be decorated with various types of plants to exude a more natural look.

OUTFLEXX pavilions also benefit from a light, yet extremely stable aluminum frame, even though the roof makes the real difference here. It consists either of high-quality steel or of polycarbonate panels that defy even stubborn rain and wind. Thanks to the high-quality materials, both the pavilion and the pergola are always easy to clean. As you can see: With OUTFLEXX there is no wrong decision.

The hardtop pavilion

With a hardtop pavilion, you create a protected oasis that can be left outside all year round. This is ensured by its very stable roof made of thick and replaceable steel layers or polycarbonate sheets. The special shape causes rain and snow to drain by themselves and do not overload the roof. Nevertheless, the roof of the pavilion can withstand a load of around 150 kg/m² of snow.

Lockable side panels and insect nets ensure ideal conditions for your daily vacation. This way you can flexibly decide on exactly the right amount of sun and shade or simply keep uninvited insects out of the pavilion.

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